Give me a Chance Childrens Foundation

The Give me a Chance Childrens Foundation aims to give promising children an opportunity in life that has proven their courage way above the challenges of poverty and have demonstrated some form of achievement against all odds.

Give me a Chance Childrens Foundation

The philosophy is that children, when given the opportunity, have the ability to help themselves to succeed with the right support structures.

By investing in exceptional students, the Foundation works to help these children realize their dreams and instills in them a moral responsibility to positively affect the lives of others.

The beneficiaries are encouraged to rework their benefit once commercially active back into their respective societies.


"It all began with a young man called Marco Hendricks. Marco was a 16 years old orphan from our rural community, Kylemore when I first got the opportunity to talk to him.

What would you like to become one day? I enquired upon which this child, with no seeming future from a rural informal settlement replied, an Auditor, sir.

Surprised by his knowledge I questioned his reasoning, to which he answered: I promised myself that my children would not grow up like I do. It broke my heart.

I realised that all this child needs is a shot at life. This is what we are about - Finding children with courage, against the odds and giving them an opportunity to make it."

Give me a Chance Childrens Foundation

How can you support the Foundation?


  • Contribute funds to finance a student's school fees
  • Contribute funds to fill the educational needs at Kylemore Secondary School as identified above
  • Provide funding for the Social Responsibility and Ethics Education Programmes
  • Sponsor a fundraising event
  • Sponsor items to auction at fundraising events
  • Sponsor uniforms and equipment for students
  • Provide tertiary bursaries for students

Giving your time/hands:

  • FRIEND: Become a friend/mentor to one of the GMAC students
  • FIELD TRIPS: Volunteer to help with guidance on school field trips
  • TUTOR: After school help with academics
  • RESTORATION: Help with any kind of restoration work that needs to be done to the school building or anything else on the school grounds.
  • FOOD & CLOTHES: Donate food/clothes to the school - they know the need of their children.
  • VOLUNTEER: Voluntary help at Give me a Chance functions and fundraising events.
Give me a Chance Childrens Foundation

Useful Information:

Contact Detail:

t: +27 21 885 1661

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