Cape Town Books

Cape Town Books - With travel being as expensive as it is, it is a great idea to plan your trip with great detail.

Read as much as possible on Cape Town. Include travel diaries and fiction to your list of reading material.

Not only do you start building a picture of the city in your head, you also do not waste any time on deciding what to do when.

Rather see as much as possible the first time around. Then at least you can start building on your "favourites list" for your subsequent visits.

I make a point of reading the reviews of books I want to buy. You get so much valuable information that way, eg:

Key To Cape Town by Toast Coetzer and Samantha Reinders is a beautiful Insider's Guide to exploring the most important city in South Africa.

I love the format with each page featuring a brilliant photograph and description of one of 115 wonderful places to visit and things to do in Cape Town. It is an easy guide to follow and to plan your trip, with fold-out maps on the inside covers and also some double page exquisite photos.

The book's indexing is so handy: planning various itineraries for any preference of activity or interest, or any season, for a few days or a longer time. This book is a must for your trip there and also a wonderful guide for any Cape Town resident. We highly recommend it.

Bonnie Neely

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