Challenge 2013

Warning:  Challenge 2013 has nothing to do with your visit to Cape Town. This is a personal challenge I've set myself and by adding it to this site, I'll be holding myself accountable for my goals.

But hopefully you will also be able to take something from it, even if it is just a bit of inspiration.

I've taken a two-pronged approach to the challenge:

  1. Online goal
  2. Offline goal

Online Goal

By the end of December 2013, I want to be earning $1 500 per month from these three websites:

  1. : A blog featuring a variety of content which should inspire you to either feel good, or to do good.
  2. : This website which is a travel site showcasing Cape Town as a great tourist destination.
  3. - A South African insurance website where I'll aim to become the definitive self-help guide for insurance.

During the challenge period I'll be making notes regarding what I did, how I did it, programs I used, what worked and what did not work. 

These notes I'll be adding to a monthly feedback report, which I will be able to use for future projects.

By doing this, I'll not only be writing a blueprint for myself, but I will also hopefully be inspiring you.

Offline Goal

I think with this goal I'm putting my foot in it, but here goes: At the end of December 2013 I will have lost 22kg's. 

In my monthly feedback report, I will include detail of how I'm moving forward (downwards) which will include my exercise regime (walking) as well as my eating program (regular low GI meals and lots of water).

Once again the reason for putting this in writing, is hold myself accountable but also hopefully to inspire you.

So are you joining in on the fun? Add your goal for 2013 and let's help each other reach our goals!

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