Digital camera tips for the perfect holiday photo

This page is dedicated to digital camera tips for that perfect holiday photo. One that immediately brings back the memories and adds a smile to your face.

Cape Town is such a beautiful city that I am sure that you will want to fill your memory card.

Photography - The Basics

  • Know your camera - Read the manual and get to know what can and cannot be done.
  • Always Carry Your Camera - You never know when that perfect shot is going to happen.
  • Hold The Camera Steady - It is very important to keep the camera as steady as possible when you press the shutter button gently.
    This will ensure that your picture will be focused not blurry.
  • Take lots of photos - Rather take too many photos than regretting about one that you should have taken.

Semi Pro tips

1. Pay attention to detail - The essence of a special moment is often captured in the details. Look at something (or someone) and decide which detail makes the biggest impression.
Record that, instead of just everything.

Digital camera tips

These snails captured in the heat of the day fascinated me.

Digital camera tips

I loved the contrast of the nail polish in this photo.

2. Know when to use the flash - sometimes it is necessary to use the flash although the light is good. But sometimes you need to switch off the flash to capture the special atmosphere.

Digital Camera Tips page.

Digital camera tips

With the flash off, the tone of this image is much softer.

Digital camera tips

With most of the light from behind, their faces are rather dark.

Digital camera tips

With a flash I can recognise Johan and Anesca.

3. Remember the rule of thirds - Position the most important object (or a horizon) not in the centre, but at 1/3rd of the picture.

Digital camera tips

The boat is 1/3rd from the left and the rock 1/3rd from the bottom.

4. Try to fill the frame - Get as much of the object you are focusing on in the photo. Zoom up close to focus on one thing.

Digital camera tips

The focus is on the elephant eating and to see the food going into his mouth.

5. Play with the depth of field - Focus on something close with the background out of focus and visa versa.

Digital Camera Tips page.

Digital camera tips

The day we had fish and chips at Hout Bay.

6. Look out for something unusual - Try a different angle or make use of reflections.

Digital camera tips

Two for the price of one with the reflection adding another Liezel.

Tips to get the most out of your Digital Camera

  • Protect the gear from the elements with a camra bag.
  • Keep your lens clean.
  • Get an extra rechargeable battery. There is nothing worse than a flat battery when you want one last photo.
  • Always have extra memory cards available.
  • Be careful when deleting photos on the camera. Rather wait till you have downloaded them.

Probably the most important rule of photography is to have fun!

You don’t learn to shoot beautiful or special photographs overnight. It requires practice and patience. Sometimes even a bit of luck too.

Happy snapping!

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