The Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Cape Town Diamond Museum is the only museum of its kind in the world.

Situated in the Cape Town Waterfront, the museum pays tribute to the diamond.

Here you can follow the journey of a diamond from its formation to when you dazzle your loved one with a diamond gift.

Explore the history of the South African diamond rush leading to the fact that within a decade, 95% of all diamonds were coming from South Africa.

The Cape Town Diamond Museum
The Cape Town Diamond Museum
The Cape Town Diamond Museum

Here you can also see replica's of some of the world's most famous diamonds, including:

  • The Cullinan, the largest gem quality diamond ever found.
  • The Star of Africa diamond is the largest cut diamond in the world.
  • Widely considered the most famous diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond.
  • The Excelsior, probably the second largest stone ever found.
  • The Golden Jubilee is the largest faceted diamond in the world, weighing 545.67 carats.
  • The Centenary Diamond, the world’s second largest modern-cut flawless diamond.
  • The Millenium Star, a near perfect diamond, weighing a magical 777 carats in the rough.
  • The Taylor Burton diamond which Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor.
Replica of The Hope Diamond at The Cape Town Diamond Museum
Replica of Centenary Diamond at The Cape Town Diamond Museum

Learn all about how diamonds are cut and polished and that diamonds are graded using a universal system that judges the stones on its colour, clarity, cut and carat-weight, commonly known as the "Four Cs".

Walk down a replica of a mine shaft to get the feeling of how small it was and even hear some of the sounds encountered below the earth.

Cape Town Diamond Museum page.

Replica of mine shaft at The Cape Town Diamond Museum
Miners clothes The Cape Town Diamond Museum

For fun you can put on mining clothes and have your photo taken.

Useful Information:

Operating Hours

Open from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week

Contact information

Tel: +27 21 421 2488


A guided tour of the museum by a diamond professional offers a unique opportunity to experience the wonderful world of diamonds and understand why the world’s most desired treasure has been met with such allure and fascination over the centuries.

Duration: approx. 25-40 minutes.


1st Floor, The Clock Tower, Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001

The Cape Town Diamond Museum

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