Carla Bosch

Carla Bosch

Spring’s flood of purple in Pretoria, her birthplace, could have inspired Carla Bosch to use bold colours in her paintings.

After finishing an Interior Design Diploma at the Tshwane University of Technology (1997), Carla’s love for painting took over. Hard work paid of as numerous prominent art galleries requested her work.

Harbour Scene, Carla Bosch Art

"With loose brush strokes, beautiful scene selections and bursts of magnificent colour, Carla’s work is the perfect enlightening asset to any sophisticated area. It’s a privilege to exhibit her work in my gallery!"
Lindy van Niekerk - Lindy van Niekerk Art Gallery, Cape Town

The warmth and cheerfulness of her landscapes, boats and street themes are true to Carla’s vibrant personality and her giving nature is evident in the liberal use of bright acrylics and oils.

Landscape, Carla Bosch Art

She possesses a unique ability to create amazing scenes taking you to places where you’ve always wanted to be.

From the glorious landscapes of Southern Africa to the street scenes of ancient Europe, all inspires Carla to share her impressions of beautiful places with you.

Landscape, Carla Bosch Art

"Painting gives me the opportunity to capture the energy and emotions of beautiful moments in time.
All of us can sense the emotion of a moment to a degree but most neglect to invest some time discovering what that moment has to offer. The net effect is a society who becomes numb to the excitement of life right in front of us.

I will for instance regularly go for a drive in the countryside shortly after a rainstorm to study the tremendous moment when the sun boldly breaks through the heavy clouds illuminating the fields to almost unbelievable beauty.

Bright colours and sometimes broad strokes of the brush help me to give expression to the abundance of life that we are presented with on a daily basis.

I believe success lies not in painting something beautifully but in painting something that will repeatedly create beauty within the beholder.

Investing in living art will yield returns much more valuable than mere monetary profits although ultimately these generally go hand in hand."
Carla Bosch

Landscape, Carla Bosch Art

Carla inherited her talent from her father, who is an inspiration and close friend. Together they have spent many hours studying the work of old masters and young artists alike.

It is Carla’s desire to be an ever developing artist. She embraces every opportunity to interact and learn from other artists.

While Carla’s work finds its way all over the world, she and her family now reside in Cape Town, South Africa.

Street Scene, Carla Bosch Art

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Pete Matthee
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