Biesmiellah Restaurant

Biesmiellah Restaurant is a Cape Town institution where you can sample Cape Malay cooking, served up in a bare-bones environment by members of the multi-generational Osman family.

Don't come here expecting a view, much by way of service, or anything resembling décor - it's a pretty empty shell filled with aromatic fragrances wafting up from the kitchen, and perhaps a chance to listen in on the kind of garrulous chat between members of this community.

On the menu are chilli bites (or daltjies) and samoosas, both snack-style finger treats that you must try, but the tamarind-spiked lamb stew known as denningvleis is what will make the adventure into this dishevelled cobblestone corner of Cape Town truly unforgettable.

Another treat, while you're here - and since this Muslim establishment doesn't serve alcohol - is the Indian-style rosewater milkshake known as falooda.

Contact Detail:

t: +27 21 423 0850


11:00 - 22:00 Monday to Thursday
11:00 - 23:00 Friday and Saturday
Closed Sundays


2 Wale Street
Cape Town

Biesmiellah Restaurant Menu

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