Ratanga Junction, Cape Town

Ratanga Junction is Cape Town's only amusement park and is situated a mere 10 minute drive from Cape Town - next to Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

The 30 attractions include 23 rides ranging from Kids Rides to Family Rides and Thrill Rides. The other attractions are designed to entertain children, families, and those who prefer to take things a little calmer.

Family fun

  • Splatter Ball - Knock down 5 targets and receive a Ratanga Junction key ring.
  • Murphy's Mini golf - A nine-hole indoor course.
  • Stone Zone - Scratch among the colourful stones to find the "gem" of your choice.
  • Midway Games - try your luck at one of the games of chance.

Thrill rides

  • Crocodile Gorge - A wild water rapid river ride through a man-made gorge.
  • Monkey Falls - With a drop of 18,5m, this is one of the highest log flume rides in the world.
  • Congo Queen - A swinging boat.
  • Diamond Devil Run - A "runaway mine train" rollercoaster.
  • Bushwacker - A family coaster ride through the jungle.
  • Stargazer - Super tube on a boat through a dark tunnel.
  • Bangers - Adult bumper cars.
Monkey Falls at Ratanga Junction, Cape Town

Super thrill rides

  • The Slingshot - Combining elements from skydiving and bungee-jumping.
  • The Cobra - A suspended looping coaster which catapults riders up to four times the force of gravity and speeds of close to 100km/h.
The Cobra at Ratanga Junction, Cape Town

Useful Information:

Open 10:00 - 17:00 daily
Only Western Cape school holidays


0861 200 300

Century City, Cape Town

Ratanga Junction, Cape Town

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