Your Favourite: Do you have a favourite that you would like to share?

This is where you have the opportunity to add your favourite.

The idea of this website is to share with you my favourite places.
But so many people have asked me why I have not said anything about ......... and then they talked to me about a favourite place of theirs.

Well here's your chance. Tell me what or where or when it is!!!

And it can be your favourite anything, eg:

  • Drive
  • Picnic Area
  • Town
  • Camping Site
  • Beach
  • Attraction
  • Activity
  • Wedding Venue
  • Restaurant
Once I've received your submission, I'll be adding it to the site for the whole world to see ... and to make you famous. :-)

I will also be contacting you to ask for a photo or two.

Talking about photos.

I've included this handy section which can be used to organize and email all your photos from now on.

    1. Get your FREE software from

    Google (It's called Picasa).

    2. Once installed, it will find ALL the photos on your hard drive.

    3. Use the easy navigation to find the photo / photos that you want to send.

    4. Create a folder on your desktop with a relevant name.

    5. Whilst holding in the "control button", click on all the photos you want to send.

    6. The go to : file, export picture to folder.
    (HINT: resize them when you export them, to 320 pixels - Picassa asks you what size you want to make the photos - Image Size Options)

    7. Use the browse button to find your newly created folder and click on "ok".

Voila!! a much smaller photo which is sent much quicker.

Are you ready for fame?

Then submit your favourite!!!!!

Please send me your favourite!!

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